Sometimes all you need is a little retail therapy…

I think most of the women in my circle would agree that the best and most effective therapy is Retail Therapy. I said I’m trying to be smarter when it comes to shopping but there are those times when a new dress, bag, or a new pair of shoes would be enough to make you smile, at least, for a few hours.

Back in June, while I was dreading the departure of my mommy, I managed to cheer myself up by going to the mall. It was June, which meant July, my birthday month, was coming up. It was okay to do a “little shopping”. Bad idea. Wrong justification as I ended up with a dozen of new dresses that weekend–good enough to last me the rest of the year. What is ironic is that I work from home. There is no need to dress up so I felt really guilty after that. Husband didn’t know about that craziness. (Did he have to?) But I think he had an idea when I started trying on the new clothes lined up by the window. Certainly, those weren’t the laundry.

To this day, I’ve only worn four. Another reason for that shopping was that I slimmed down a bit and most of my clothes were too loose already. I needed some new clothes to prove that I’ve been successful with the weight-loss challenge. I think Josh would be happy to know that I deserved those dresses. Haha!

Most of my loot were from Plains & Prints. It was the first time I bought from the store and loved it! I bought 3 dresses the first time, two when I went to the Greenhills branch, and another one from SM Centerpoint Sta. Mesa.  Hindi ko po sinadya, napadaan lang sakto naman may sale at may kasya.

The first dress I wore from my loot. Wore this on a Sunday.

Paired this one with black stockings and shiny, shimmery silver Maud Frizon flats
Been wanting to wear this but I don’t know what to do with the other shoulder. Mahalay ng konti. Hehe.
I love how this dress fits me. I have yet to wear this one, maybe on Christmas.
I can’t buy a Rajo Laurel but this will do for now.
One of my favorites. I find it cute and weird at the same time.

What I like about Plains and Prints is that the dresses are available in bigger sizes. I’m not your average Filipina. I’m 5’7″, weighing ___ lbs. In a land where everyone is petite, buying clothes can be difficult so I check the international brands for bigger sizes. But glad that local brands are already adjusting.

There’s a Clearance Sale happening this weekend which for me is DANGER ZONE. Ack!

 Ummm, how do I get there?



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