Thursday, August 28

i finished reading a comic book while waiting for my sister this afternoon…was standing for more than 2 hours buts that’s okay..the book was good…kinda bitin lang … it’s called AFTER EDEN..comic-cum-novel written by Arnold Arre…yep! He’s a Filipino and his book won an award(forgot na) …cool eh?! Its kinda anime-ish because of the graphics..i usually ignore comics with anime looking characters because I just hate them..i don’t know why..yeah..they’re cute but I just cant stand them..they’re so…I don’t know ..anyway..even if I hate ‘em, i found myself liking the book and endured my sore feet and my backache(which has been my prob for more than a week now )…anyway, the…book…was mainly about 2 people(though there were 6 characters)..a guy and a girl (mushy!!love story pala eh..hehe)..they were 2 separate people seemingly tired of their lives…they met and fell in love…turned out they were childhood friends…(think lavender..hehe)…they were so inlove with each other that they forgot about their friends..and these friends obviously became so jealous that they did mean things to separate them..and they succeeded!! Bad..i just hope my friends wouldn’t do that if they won’t like my guy..(q:meron na ba?? a:wala!!!) …the story ended without them reconciling…or atleast that’s how I understood it…(bummer..bitin tlg!!) pero ok lang…

btw, my partner and I already passed the 1st draft of our thesis last Monday….praises!praises!!! weeeeeeh! Im a free woman!!..atleast for the next few days…hehe..


already bought jacivelasquez’s new cd UNSPOKEN..nice..
wanna buy another cd..paolo santos’ vcd coz my friend egay’s there…wanna see his infamous hair…if it registers well on tv..hehehe..its the hair pare!!!its the hair!!! hows barbie??ehehe..

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