Friday, August 29

sinusumapa ko talaga yang mga dagang yan!!!!!aaaaaaargh!!!!!!i hate you!!!!you ate my champola!!!!huhuhuhuhu now i have to settle for sticko…grrrrr…

I HAVE TICKETS TO THE PLUMB CONCERT!!! yahoo!!!!thanx to my ever fave JMA-er..hehehe

mood | happy

music | what it is to burn – finch

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“Paris. First class. International—is the only way to happiness. It’s your destiny.”

These were the words that stuck to Donna’s mind that helped her achieve her dream of becoming an international stewardess… off to Paris. But before ‘Paris’, she went through a lot of difficulties including having failed the test for stewardess-ship(is there such a word?) and as always..her love life ..but I wont focus on that anymore. Donna wanted Paris as destination but instead were assigned to Cleveland . Her mentor Sally, a world-class flight stewardess, gave her ‘those words’ that made her strive for the best. She didn’t settle for ‘Cleveland’ and worked her way up to flying to Paris.and yahoooooo!! She finally did!!! But how? (im not in the mood to tell you the see the movie for yourself…hehe)…

Now what girl??? i now ask myself “Whats my “PARIS”? …..and what’s yours??? Hmmmm….have a lot…the list is endless…i have to evaluate them though..need to think of the more important ones….aight?!?

Starring Gwyneth PAltrow, the movie View from the Top was the first movie I’ve seen since Full Throttle. I promised myself to drown in movies after my thesis writing and I finally had the chance to fulfill it… courtesy of my ate(tnx!). We were supposed to see Spy Kids 3d with baby Etoy but too bad… he’s sick. We can’t afford to drag him though he would love to see it very much. Next week perhaps?

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