Tuesday, September 02

ei! my last entry was long…i thought i said i couldnt get my hands do the clicking…liar!!

mood | sleepy

music | time after time – eva cassidy

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i want to write, write, and write a long blog but i just cant get my hands do the clicking…a lot of things have been going on my mind lately..so i’ll just post some snippets here:

room is still cluttered..or should i say…passage restrictive..etoy cant walk through my room
i wanna see Keka!!!
PLUMB rocks!!! the concert was so great i wanted to buy her new cd but i cant…didnt have enough moolah..my bro wouldn’t split money with me…
i recently had a booboo with this computer..tsktsk…
im so ‘tamad’ to go to school..especially after i passed our thesis..is this normal?? heck, yeah..for me…i’m always tamad..IT IS NORMAL..
i just found out that i have mild scoliosis…yep…mild…so that means it can still be corrected…good Lord!
my besty in the states wont call me…whats the matter with her??
i had fun at the spy kids movie…had fun taking on an off the glasses..hehe..ohm btw, i slept through the entire game challenge of the spy kids…fun huh?!
i find shaina Über pretty…ooooh! showbiz..

mood | accomplished

music | butterfly(acoustic) – lenny kravitz

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