Working in My Jammies

Working at home also has its downsides. I’ve been staying at home for more than 2 months and am now used to sleeping and waking up late after 12 hours of sleep(everyday!) . Plus washing the dishes, doing the laundry, sometimes ironing the clothes, going to the grocery, and the likes. I do all these things while working….freelance. I know I am blessed to have this kind of job…you know, a job that allows me to do other things at the same time, receive visitors anytime, sleep whenever I want to, and get paid…more than what I was being paid in my previous company. But sometimes, I think that I’m missing out on a lot of things.

The downsides? Here :

> No officemates – I don’t have one. I have a boss but I don’t get to see him since he’s abroad. We talk only once a week. I chat with his wife everyday, the manager, but that’s just about it.

> No aircon – We don’t have air conditioning at home so all electric fans in the house are busy.

> No physical activity for me – because I no longer travel to work…physical activities are only limited to cleaning the house and doing the laundry

> No benefits – No SSS. No Philhealth. ..etc. But no tax! Haha.

> I don’t get to wear any nice clothes. :( This for me makes me sadder than the first items. I still keep on shopping for clothes but I just realized that I don’t get to wear them anymore. I am always in my pambahay clothes. I don’t wear shoes..always slippers. So just yesterday, I decided to bring out my Havies and use them everyday. I’m wearing a pair of brown top now..tomorrow that orange Cartunista.

A friend told me to wear office clothes for a change. Haha. I’d love to but I won’t because it is just so warm nowadays..way hottah than during summer I think. But on my birthday, I swear I’m gonna wear a dress!

But more than these, working at home has more benefits…obviously. For one, I am spared from traffic. Even if my previous office was only a 15-minute drive from my place, my workplace now is way better. I sometimes work in my room, my parents’ room, the living room, or sometimes in the kitchen! Thanks to wifi and my trusty MacBook.

I can sleep whenever I want. Of course, I need to be seen online but there’s always the YM buzz and the phone call. Hehe.

I am always with the people I love.:)

I can always have my special visitor at home…(read: boyfriend)

I can watch TV while working.


And oh, I can work in my jammies. Hihi. :)

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