F4 FEVER : sheeeeesh..

F4 FEVER : sheeeeesh..

okay okay..before you scream for getting excited because you think here’s another f4 fan…take a deep breath and read..sorry to say… I’M NOT!!! ‘why not’ the fans may ask?? I still cant and I know I wont understand why pinoys go gaga over those four great looking Chinese guys….umm…wait..did I just say that they’re great looking??? They are I must admit…especially vic zhou(sp??)..hehe…

anyway..i really still haven’t caught the F4 fever so to speak…maybe because I don’t watch meteor garden..ive only seen an episode or two of ‘em…or maybe because I didnt see the first episodes that’s why I cant really get into it…oh well…”The Event” happened last night at ultra..someone told me that the lines of people even reached farther than st. paul…heavy traffic in the area…and oh! it was even raining…can you believe that?? Actually, the asian invasion was also in the same venue, except that the Jesus fanatics were inside while the F2(f4-2=f2) at the ASOS girls(shan cai and her sis)fanatics were at the field…for those of you who do not know yet..tickets for this concert were priced at p10,500 for the vip, 5,000, 2,500, and 500 I think for the GA..crazy eh?? What kind of people in their right mind would spend an amount that can equal to an average employee’s monthly salary?? Many did actually..those rich Chinese people who are slowly invading this country..let’s face it..they have the means…and they can understand the language…but what happened,or is still happening is the fact that Filipinos young and old alike , girls and gays…okay..even the boys go loco over them…sigh…just another product of pop culture…passively taken in by the masses..sigh…I mean…most dont really understand their songs??(idea: what if I back mask them??hehe..)

Yeah..i know..a friend once said the she likes and understands ‘em coz she studied in a chinese school..okaaaay..i can bear with those ‘tsekwas’(ooops.. pun not intended)..but what about the others??? I just cant grasp this craze this nation is in…all I know is ‘meteor garden’ is sick because it denigrates the women and even promotes pre-marital sex…i know…99%(source:myself) of tv programs are like that..so that means 99% percent of those we see on tv are sick…..just plain uneducational..(but hey! I must admit they’re entertaining…hehe…..asus!)…

okay, so where am I getting at?? Pinoys are once again ‘magnetized’…in plain jologs language: NAUTO NA NAMAN ANG MGA JUAN AT MARIA. but despite the idiosyncrasies I see…I am somehow happy because finally the asians are learning to love other Asians…I mean, easterners for so many decades now would be so in love with western talents and looks…its about time that the people from our own region be given the same attention…I just wish that next time, the next big thing will be from the Philippines…. P4 pwede??? Harhar!!

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