Friday, September 12

i didn’t go to school today….again!!! i didn’t hear the alarm…aaaaargh!! I missed so many things today. I was supposed to have lunch with ame today and come with their editing. Just wanna see what they’re going to do for their broadjourn class. I know im tamad but this is the first that I didn’t hear the alarm…I forgot to tell my personal alarm clock to wake me up..hehe..

im so bored today..i wish I had joined the asian invasion..i wanna go there but wasn’t able to ask permission from my dad. I know he would allow me..oh well…no more use crying over spilled milk..i pray that kix and his friends would have fun and be so blessed..

a lot has been going on my mind…again…it must have been my being in solitude always … i would contemplate on my life..this LIFE…this great gift that makes me want to live more…I want to do so many things..i just don’t know when and where to start…

mode | hungry

music | gravel – ani difranco

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