Tuesday, September 09

its been days since ive last blogged…I have something i forgot to blog about yesterday:

church went well …I was just amazed how being excited and looking forward to your church’s service can make a difference…Sunday is my favorite day of the week coz not only because I get to see my friends but because it is only in ICS that I feel so at home outside my own home..i never miss to attend church…except once or twice in a year when I have a school trip or something…there are times when I would actually be in ics everyday of the week…that’s how I really love church..

anyway, I found church very blessed yesterday because I prepared my heart for it….its just so different when you go there earlier than the usual.. no hurrying up and getting anxious because you’re late or have important things to do before the service starts…its different when you pray for yourself and for others that God would prepare and open their minds..its just so different when you look forward to everything God has in store for you..i guess, i got used to going every Sunday..doing church stuff, seeing and being with the usual people, with all the clapping and the smiling..that I never got to really hear what was needed to be heard or the things really needed to be done which is to worship…that I got used to going through the routine every Sunday…its not that I don’t pray or listen to the message.Its just that everything looks and feels different if you really have your heart and mind open to whatever’s going to happen…its so good when you enter the church with an expectant heart and not an evaluative one.. I have learned to remove my qualms before entering the presence of God..its really true that everything would look so much different if you change your perspective…and that’s what happened to me….

I knew it.. but sometimes I forget the more important things.. church isn’t about being satisfied or being entertained by the people you see inside..its not about the benefits of being a member of the church.. it isn’t about getting to see your crushes or loved ones….church isn’t a ramp..it isn’t a crutch…church isn’t a place where you sleep…it isn’t a place where its okay to be late or absent…and most of all, church isn’t where getting the good Lord to bless you…you go to church to worship and hear God!!!…isn’t that so simple??? I know..its not only in church that you feel God..but hey..if you have a church, love it man!! Love it even if you don’t get satisfied with the music, message or the people…love your church for simply it being the house of God…it’s a place where you can heartily worship God with others who love Him..im getting tired of hearing all the “talks” or of the people saying that something is missing…or something wrong with the people..that they’re not blessed or something like that..i just couldn’t get it…why do they always look into those unimportant matters??…I mean, those wont do any good to your relationship with God…worship Him…that’s all you need to do: worship….

i now have a new perspective towards church..i don’t know if im right or just plain being OA…all I know is..i need to worship not only inside the church..and that I need to LIVE a LIFE of WORSHIP…

NOTE: pls comment on this peeps..i need to hear you scream!!!yeah beybeh!!

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