Golda Blue

Dress: Stardust Dress Plains & Prints | Shoes: Kork Ease Nelly Cork Flats | Bag: Gold Longchamp Maroquinerie Metal Large | Watch: Vintage Orient watch from my dad | Accessories: Vintage rings

I just invented the title but it’s true that I was in blue and gold last Saturday for my nephew’s 1st birthday party and a late date night with the husband. I mentioned this Plains and Prints dress on my retail therapy post. I said it was mahalay because of the off-shoulder design. (Forgive me as it’s a conservative’s description) I wore the dress with my hair down so people won’t notice my bare left shoulder. I know I couldn’t wear this to church so I gave in and since it was a casual family affair. Wore the vintage gold Orient watch owned by my daddy. I think by now you know it was his 1st Death Anniversary last September 29.

The Kork Ease Nelly Cork Flats were from a US balikbayan relative. I searched for the price and it’s $113 (around P4,700)! It’s an unusual pair because cork material was used but it’s very comfy.  I wouldn’t buy something as expensive as that. I have a few pairs of designer/signature shoes in my closet but those were only given as gifts, hand-me-downs, or thrifted. Kapag above P1,500 na ang price, ayoko na, except if it’s rubber shoes or boots siguro.

As for the bag, I bought it at the Suvarnabhumi Airport during my last trip to Bangkok. Funny story because I wasn’t supposed to buy it. I was getting one for my mom and then this Thai cashier entered the two items. I only inquired about the gold Longchamp and was having second thoughts. Nakakaloka! I was shocked to see the receipt because I know the price of the first bag. It turned out she didn’t understand me. I wasn’t in the mood to argue because the plane was leaving in 10 minutes! Okay fine it was meant for me. I thought I could sell or use it anyway. I didn’t. I haven’t. But I will one of these days. If you wanna buy it, let me know. 😀

PS: I realized outfit posts are fun to do. I’m putting myself to ridicule here. Haha!

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