That Day

I didn’t know what to expect from September 29. I thought I would no longer cry because I’ve already cried buckets of tears the past few days. I woke up earlier than usual but could no longer go back to sleep. I managed to write another lengthy blog entry about my Daddy. My mommy requested that I write something. I didn’t know how to start but when I finally started, my fingers just wouldn’t stop. I wrote Bye. I love you. on my iPhone at 4am. Heavy tears naturally followed. My husband lovingly gave me a hug and said nothing. His silence meant a lot to me.

When I was done writing, I fell asleep. I whispered a quick prayer for God to give me and my family the strength to go through that day. It was one long and very fun day. It was epic! We went to my nephew Matteo’s Snoopy Street Fair Party. After the party, Josh and I went to visit my Lola. I spent time with my nephew and niece because I was missing Noah who was with my in-laws then. Josh and I rested for awhile and then we went on a late date at Power Plant Mall. Shallow but I was again ready for some retail therapy. However, I saw nothing I liked and we had little time.

But to cap this special day off, I bought this art print from The Monday Crew:

Art Print by The Monday Crew

Obviously, it’s related to my relationship with my dad. I love Star Wars but I can’t say I’m a real Star Wars geek but you get my point here.

Was my dad a Jedi? Naaah….He was a father who loved dearly and was dearly loved by his wife and children.

My father before me was my Superman.

My father before me left a legacy of faith.

My father before me left us a lot of memories to smile about.

My father has gone before me to reap his rewards in heaven.

Oh yes, I survived that day. Thank You very much.


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